Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easier Links to Google

Many homebuyers like to Google the MLS # and Google the street name to see if there is more information on a home. Now we make it easier with a "g" hotlink next to the address and MLS#.

What do you all think? Anybody using this? I got the idea from a user.



  1. The placement of the "g" is kind of irritating. I like to copy and paste the full address to various places for various reasons... Now it copies the "g" along with it because it's between the first and second line of the address. You have several non-MLS searches mixed in the top summary. Why not group them all like this:

    Non-MLS searches:
    Google address
    Map address
    Google listing #
    U.S. census data
    Walk score

  2. Because nobody told me it was a problem. I can probably move things around. I don't know what you mean by how you would order it.

    You want it to say:

    I am missing something. Can you email me directly?

    I can move the g to before the "map"
    as for copying the MLS #, why not copy it from the URL or from the upper right of the page, which is a shortcut?

    What are you cutting and pasting the address into?

    I will start with moving the g a couple spaces further out.