Wednesday, August 26, 2009

iPhone And Cell Mode for MLS Searching

So is probably the easiest way to view the MLS on your cell phone. Previously I was routing all cell phones to However iPhone users felt their browser could support the regular page.

So at the request of a client, I have made it so iPhone users that enter through will see the normal front page AND (this is the latest tweak) when they click on a listing, they will see the regular computer version, and not be switched over to the cell mode.

But if you are on an iPhone, or another phone, and you enter in on (faster/smaller images), when you click on any listing you will see the cell mode. SOon there will be a link at the bottom of the cell mode for you to see the regular CPU version.

To those that don't use their cell phone to follow the MLS, this might seem like minor tweaks, but to hard core users, it can be very frustrating when some of the data that you come to expect isn't as easily accessible.



  1. What would be really cool is to link the listings to GPS. So when I am in a neighborhood that all of a sudden I decide I like I can view all listings within a certain parameter. Or maybe a similar functionality already exists. I am still discovering new stuff

  2. For now all I can tell you is "Try Redfin" I think they can do that. I haven't tried it yet, but their main website is more map oriented, so I think they should have the GPS feature. Mine is keyword oriented, so I would have to reengineer it to do that.

    Currently you would have to enter the name of the street you are on, or the zipcode or the neighborhood.

    If you are an iphone user, can you email me directly? I want to get some beta users on direct email for follow up questions

  3. nope, do not use iphone, just a blackberry. sorry