Monday, February 21, 2011

Begone those pesky OUTLIERS!

One benefit to FranklyMLS's keyword search is that it is lightening fast! But the downside has always been that it is only 98% accurate.

About 2% of the time a search for a random zip code might pull up a random 22101 Beachway Drive in Maryland instead of McLean's 22101.

But now that is all so very 2010.

We now figured out a way to scrub out these outliers which makes the new zip code boundary feature that much more powerful.

Now if you search for zip codes, it will recognize that you want a zip code and only show you homes with that zipcode. Skipping over house # and even remarks.

Let me know if you get any errors. Soon hopefully we can do this for county searches, as I know people might search for Arlington and get annoyed by homes on Arlington Blvd in another city.

Hope you like it.



  1. Hey Frank, I use zip code for my e-mail notification searches, and those results are still sending listings that are outside the zip code. (If you recall from my earlier reports, there is an agent number that matches the zip code I search.) Did you implement this new algorithm for the e-mail notices too?

  2. great question, Please email me the exact search you do.

  3. Just noticed a new "outlier" popped up, first one I've seen in a while... simple search text, only the zip code, 22401. I sort by "ListDate High", gives me FX7558211 near the top (depending on when you see this of course). Oops! It's the same problem as before, the Listing Agent has been assigned the link code "Lister_22401".

    Any reason why you don't use a zip:XXXXX format for zips to narrow the data you're searching on?

  4. Because that would require yet another complex syntax code to teach people.

    Instead we can make it smarter on the back end to take care of these. I am surprised this came up.

  5. The results for "22401" are off. It seems like the two outliers list addresses that are actually in that area code, but the map pins are way out somewhere else.

  6. Can you tell me the price range? Also email me directly. It works when I test it.