Monday, February 14, 2011

FranklyMLS ranked #3 in DC Area

I just got an exciting report that showed that is #3 in traffic behind Long and Foster, and Redfin in the DC area for MLS broker sites.

To think that a small concept could grow and beat most of the powerhouses is pretty neat.

The ranking data is raw but reliable. It comes from a 3rd party hoster of albums for MRIS. They track the number of albums viewed and thus the referral log tracking and ranking.

Thank you everyone for all of your ideas that have helped the site be what it is today.


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  1. Congratulations! Your site is my favorite by far. We've been looking for that "perfect house" for 2 years now, so my multiple daily obsessive checks for new homes may be driving up your traffic. :)

  2. And why was sort by Listing# removed? This was best way to see truly new listings mixed with old listings that somehow got new Listing#. Just goes to show that the rise to popularity is strewn with complicity.

  3. The added FPP complexity took command of that column (they share a column for a long story reason).

    You can perform the same thing by either sorting by DOM or by List Date (scroll bar)

    Hope that helps, thanks for writing in.