Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easier Photo Viewing. Click Anywhere To Move Forward.

Just wanted to tell you about a new photo viewing system.

As many of you know, we added numbers above the image. This is for netboot users with a small screen.

And now we added rollover arrows. You don't need to click on the arrow itself though. You only need to click on anywhere in the right 50% of the photo and it will go to the next photo. Or 50% of the left photo to see that one.

I might still teak the design to make it more intuitive for those that don't read this.

Any other suggestions? Does it work well on your iPad?



  1. another great idea

  2. Just wondering if the mouse-over listing ID feature has been disabled. I used to be able to see the pictures this way, but no longer having luck with this.

  3. No, we have a bug. It isnt working on some browsers. Can you chat with me or email me?