Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10 Tweaks today

Been making a bunch of changes today to the Full View (1 home per page) http://franklymls.com/FX7665108
1) Clearing out the junk in the upper left and right
2) Moving the HEART saving option next to the Status=Active (before it made no sense to be in the upper right part of the page since it didnt look like part of the listing),http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
3) Add a Mobile mode icon and moved it down near the multiple photos
4) Moved the Neighborhood reviews and House Wiki comments to another location lower on the page
5) Added a printer Icon to let you know you can print a 1 page version of the site
6) And for people that are NOT on a branded version of the site, I added more Frankly logos and chat windows.
7) Moved private notes and View Count to middle left of screen
8) More details for what Under Contract means. (We get a ton of "Can I see this home that is Under Contract")
9) More ads featuring recommended local buyers agents (if you have your owner agent, great, but have them get a free IDX so their name is on each page)
10) Annoying photo of me lurching on the left side of the page ready to chat (already got one complaint on this today, you hate it too?)


  1. I like the photo of you. It's distracting, but fun.

  2. Hi- Long time user, second time poster. I've been trying to find documentation on the syntax to use on your site to "efficiently" search for multiple items under a single search criteria. I've had some mixed success and figure I must be doing something wrong. As an example, I want to search for homes in a certain price range that fall in the following 4 High School Districts (Oakton, Madison, Marshall and Woodson). What is the shortest syntax to capture the high school filter? I've tried several aggregated approaches (HS=Oakton,Madison,Marshall,Woodson), but have found that sometimes I get different results than if I search on each separately (HS=Oakton HS=Madison). Many times the site returns no results, which I'm wondering if it is due to too many search criteria or some other issue.