Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Mobile Idea, Done in 4 minutes. Suggest yours!

Chris W. emailed me about some ideas for the site and it sparked a no brainer. I was able to get it live in 4 minutes! And a blog post up in another 5 minutes. A new record.

In mobile mode, FranklyMLS.com/m, I am working on a "Near you" button so you can drive up to a home and in 1 click see all the homes near you. (I know, pretty standard in the app world).

In the meantime, I made it so the mobile mode will list the subdivision and let you click on "See more" to see all the other homes that are active/UC in that subdivision.

Try it out: http://franklymls.com/m/FX7665108, you can test it from your computer too.

I also moved around some things on the cell mode to make it easier to see more data (less indenting).

Thoughts? So keep sending in your ideas so I can expand on them, or just flat out steal them and take credit. ;-)



  1. Not so much an idea, but maybe a glitch in the system. I was under the impression that the add private notes section would retain one's from one session to another. My browser clears my cash after each session, so I am assuming the info was stored locally on my computer. Too bad I lost several hours of work noting a couple dozen properties only to return today and find them devoid of my notes. 8>(

  2. Oh NO!! Yes the site is VERY cookie driven. And only 1 out of 1,000 users have decided to clear their cookies after each browser session (just curious why do you do this).

    Are you a registered user? If you aren't registered and you clear your cache, there is no way to write to your hard drive (that I know of)

    Sorry about that.


  3. Not a problem. Was more an issue on my side of things. I should have remembered to place a exception for franklymls.com in my browser's option settings. I am registered and enjoy the site very much. I just tend not to want to carry around a bunch of cookies from who knows who after I leave the site. I have a third party plug-in that logs me back in each visit - no work on my part. I just often forget to allow cookie exceptions for my favorite sites where wanted info is stored.