Saturday, May 23, 2009

Embedded Walkscore and sort in spreadsheet!

Now the full listings have the Walkscore instead of linking to a page that will slowly calculate the walkscore.

Also the Walk Score is displayed on the front page spreadsheet mode (all the good stuff is only on spreadsheet mode). And you can even sort by Walk Score! 

Anybody wanna make a Youtube video thanking Walk Score for all the cool work they are doing? I know they would appreciate it.

Posted by Frank


  1. hey frank -- any reason i am getting a "timeout expired" error when i do a search? too broad/too many returns?

  2. Email me what your search string is.

    Yes some people are doing some crazy long search strings that will time out. We actually might have to limit the number of characters.

    Also be aware of the "-" negative. Don't do super crazy stuff like (-"word word", word) -word as it will break.


  3. any way to list by DoMM/high? this might show good places to start negotiations

  4. We can add that. THanks for the request. But keep in mind that homes over 200 days tend to not drop as much as homes for 90 days on the market. Why? Some people aren't motivated to sell and they decide to just rent or withdraw the home.

  5. how about adding a link to wmata to get commutes? not sure if you can autopopulate the property address as the starting point?

  6. how about if the word metro appears in the remarks, you click on the word Metro and it sends the home address to the WMATA website?

  7. sounds good. how about searchable school districts? unfortuantely each district seems to have its own byzantine way to locate admission zones, but we can dream

  8. I forgot to post that, we have that now, I think the syntax is ES=Schoolname but that is based onthe agent entering in the school data.

  9. hi there -- can you add a feature to suppress (but not delete) inactive properties on your favorites?

    it's great to keep them on the list so you get info on their eventual sales price (or if they become active again) but would be nice to toggle them on and off from showing, like you have the "hide/show favorites" button. just a thought.

    thx for the site!