Monday, February 21, 2011

Begone those pesky OUTLIERS!

One benefit to FranklyMLS's keyword search is that it is lightening fast! But the downside has always been that it is only 98% accurate.

About 2% of the time a search for a random zip code might pull up a random 22101 Beachway Drive in Maryland instead of McLean's 22101.

But now that is all so very 2010.

We now figured out a way to scrub out these outliers which makes the new zip code boundary feature that much more powerful.

Now if you search for zip codes, it will recognize that you want a zip code and only show you homes with that zipcode. Skipping over house # and even remarks.

Let me know if you get any errors. Soon hopefully we can do this for county searches, as I know people might search for Arlington and get annoyed by homes on Arlington Blvd in another city.

Hope you like it.


Netbook Friendly Photo browsing.

Our photos are 4x larger then any other site. Why? Because most sites waste room with advertising.

The only downside is those with smaller screens sometimes can't see the entire photo and that makes it tougher to get to the thumbnails.

Well now we adding numbers above the main image.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Rollover those numbers and it will change the photos.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MLS Zip Code Search with Boundary Outlines!

Now if your search syntax has a zip code in it, the zip code will be outlined for you. This makes it much easier to see exactly where the coundaries are.
Obviously we will be adding smaller add on features to this, but I wanted to get this out as fast as possible.
Try it out. Search syntax: 22044
Coming soon the zip code will have a rollover or title so you know which zip is which (assuming multiple zips). You also will be able to expand the search beyond the zip code and lastly we are working on killing off those pesty outliers that have riddled our keyword serach system. IE when a home is 22101 Broad Street in Maryland, today it might come up in a search for the zip code 22101.
While the site isn't 100% accurate (with mishaps like outliers, we strive for 99.5%) it is 4x faster!

Monday, February 14, 2011

FranklyMLS ranked #3 in DC Area

I just got an exciting report that showed that is #3 in traffic behind Long and Foster, and Redfin in the DC area for MLS broker sites.

To think that a small concept could grow and beat most of the powerhouses is pretty neat.

The ranking data is raw but reliable. It comes from a 3rd party hoster of albums for MRIS. They track the number of albums viewed and thus the referral log tracking and ranking.

Thank you everyone for all of your ideas that have helped the site be what it is today.


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