Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MLS Zip Code Search with Boundary Outlines!

Now if your search syntax has a zip code in it, the zip code will be outlined for you. This makes it much easier to see exactly where the coundaries are.
Obviously we will be adding smaller add on features to this, but I wanted to get this out as fast as possible.
Try it out. Search syntax: 22044
Coming soon the zip code will have a rollover or title so you know which zip is which (assuming multiple zips). You also will be able to expand the search beyond the zip code and lastly we are working on killing off those pesty outliers that have riddled our keyword serach system. IE when a home is 22101 Broad Street in Maryland, today it might come up in a search for the zip code 22101.
While the site isn't 100% accurate (with mishaps like outliers, we strive for 99.5%) it is 4x faster!

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