Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pick 1 or 4 year Sold Data

So we went from 18 months to 4 years of sold data. But then people complained that that was too much data. Too much data!! Ok, ok, I hear you.

So now there is a checkbox option for sold data from the last 4 years, or sold data from just 2009.

Again, this is MLS data that shows the seller subsidy and the NET price.

You likey?


Monday, October 5, 2009

New "Clear" feature vs Logging out

I now set up which will clear all three cookies for

1) Favorite homes
2) Saved searching
3) Agent branding

This is particularly useful for agents that wish to log into their client's account and leave notes, or favorite homes. So if you are working with 3 or 4 clients, you can make sure not to mix anything up, by going to /clear each time.
If one "Logs out" that does not remove agent branding.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Route (kinda) your favorites.

So there is a new feature. Currently called "Route Favorites"

When you have your homes saved as Favorites, they show up on the top of the page. You then click on which homes you want to see on the map (there is a # to the right of that) and click Route Favorites. This will then show you where the homes are on the map.

Now technically it isn't a "best route" or driving directions, but the idea is you can eyeball which homes you should see first and the # will show you the address.

If people like this, I can make it better.


New Consolidated Login System, Any Bugs?

Ok, so people were yelling and screaming about not being able to login. The old way if you were not already logged in, you would add a home and then be prompted for your email address (no passwords required).

Now you can login, and it will give you a "welcome frank@frank..." so you know you are logged in.

Also previously the Saved Homes, called "Favorites" was a separate account and login versus the Saved Search (emailing you changes you to saved criteria). Now they are consolidated into one login.

Let me know if you get snags.

Also we had to start blocking people who are too high tech for cookies. Those that scrub cookies end up breaking the site, so if you don't use cookies, we can't help you, sorry.

(anybody know how to make it so emails to Yahoo aren't trashed into spam?)

3 Featured Comments on the front page

We are now featuring the most recent three comments from Realtors (or buyers) on the front page. We do this to further encourage adding to the WIKI. More exposure, and Google juice for the contributor and more of a "oh now I get it" for consumers that don't get the Wiki concept at first.

Currently it only displays home reviews that have photo albums.