Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Consolidated Login System, Any Bugs?

Ok, so people were yelling and screaming about not being able to login. The old way if you were not already logged in, you would add a home and then be prompted for your email address (no passwords required).

Now you can login, and it will give you a "welcome frank@frank..." so you know you are logged in.

Also previously the Saved Homes, called "Favorites" was a separate account and login versus the Saved Search (emailing you changes you to saved criteria). Now they are consolidated into one login.

Let me know if you get snags.

Also we had to start blocking people who are too high tech for cookies. Those that scrub cookies end up breaking the site, so if you don't use cookies, we can't help you, sorry.

(anybody know how to make it so emails to Yahoo aren't trashed into spam?)


  1. I have a yahoo account, and I set up a rule to filter all my FranklyMLS mail into a folder. They never appear as Spam, so my custom filter must run before the Spam filter.

  2. Great to know! Thanks So do you like the consolidated feature?