Monday, June 29, 2009

Add Private Notes

So now you can add private notes on homes that you like.

In the full view (the 1 page with all the info on the house) look in the upper right hand corner. There you can add notes about that particular home. Fill in the box and press SAVE (does anybody want this to automatically add the home as a favorite?).

Then as long as you are a) logged in or b) on the same computer, it will keep your notes.

If the home is saved as a favorites, when you rollover the MLS#, it shows you the remarks, but it also will show you your private notes. That way when you have 10-30 homes saved to favorites, you can remember what you thought of each one.



  1. is there a search string that will limit results to a set DOMm number, so you can just search for the last 30 days of listings for example? the alternative is a long slow result that needs to be sorted.

  2. Currently there is no option to search for homes just under 30 days. COuld be something to look into. Can you email me some example searches that you are doing? I would like to see how "slow" it is.

  3. va active -1bdr -0bdr -condo

    since there are so many, it loads slowly and then gotta resort by DOM anyway. would be great to add a search string to limit results by DOM

  4. Yeah, your search is pretty much for every home in all of Virginia. Maybe 20,000 results. That won't be too fast.

    I will look into it.

  5. I think your "view" counter is broke. I viewed homes yestreday with 0 views and it stayed zero views. Its been this way since Wednesday 7/29