Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Now with Crime Data!

I got a chat request today, and the idea was so good that I personally
implemented it in under 7 minutes.

You could do an ab session in that amount if time.

I added a small "c" next to the property address In the full view fr
each property. It will then launch a search for that Zipcode on a
Crime Reoorts website. I can instead have it point to the exact
address, but let's try this first.



Sent from my iPhone sorry for typoes.


  1. Excellent! This is a great new feature that will come in use. It's very easy to use also. Thanks!

  2. You need a section for the consumer to comment and even gawk at the properties that are $150K over 2010 tax assessment (which is getting pretty common due to the stalemate situation that is occurring in this market.) In short, your site continues as just another driveby because you won't open up your wiki to the buyers who actually fund the REIC.

  3. What are you talking about? You are making up your own rules.

    Anybody can add any comments. Only a few homes are blocked as determined by the the lister.

  4. It doesn't seem to work for Arlington listings. Maybe the Arlington Police Department doesn't participate with the website.

  5. I did not see the "c". Where is it? I am new to looking at your site, so I'm not familiar with things.