Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Search Just LAND using all caps

So you should know that we do include "land for sale" in our MLS database. But a mere search for the word "land" used to bring up homes that say "this home has a lot of nice land."

Now, a search for LAND in all caps, will bring up only "land for sale".

Why buy land? My client did:

They bought a Modular Prefab Home. Also known as Prefabricated construction from DovetailUSA.com



  1. Thanks for the update on how to find LAND on Franklymls; I was wondering about that. I might also add that some people list their house as a house and not "land" because they think the house has to be dilapidated to be considered a "tear down." There are plenty of houses out there in Northern VA that qualify for tear-down status, even though someone could actually live in them. Why do I suggest tearing down a perfectly serviceable house? Because location these days is more important than ever, and with the price point of these obsolete homes that are poor candidates for additions/remodeling, it just makes sense to build the house you want in the location that suits you--your equity in the resulting structure will be the same or better once you're done. If you don't believe me, just ask yourself why are there builders still building spec. houses? The profit they make would be the equity you get on move-in. When you're ready, a great way to speed up the construction time line and end up with a better built home is by using Custom Modular. Frank's clients that bought the home in the pictures are happy their market home contract fell through and they were able to purchase the tear-down two houses over; they got the home THEY wanted, not one another homeowner or builder decided to build, and all for about the same price. That market home up the street also wasn't ENERGY STAR rated like theirs will be. Another benefit of building new with the right builder.

  2. One quick comment: the link to google map has the street name after the city (city+st+zip+street addr) instead of street addr first, sometimes Google can't find the right address in that order. Great site!