Monday, January 31, 2011

Better Foreclosure MLS Searching is mainly keyword based. This has many benefits (speed) but sometimes it can be inaccurate.

Previously a search for: Vienna Foreclosure

would bring up all homes with BOTH the word Vienna and the word foreclosure anywhere in the remarks.

We then took steps to remove errors like remarks that posted "not a foreclosure" (those wouldn't show up).

About a year ago the MLS added some checkbox fields for foreclosures. But, initially the agents were not filling this in, so it was too unreliable to use.

Good news! Agents are now using that field properly!

So now a search for: Vienna Foreclosure
is much more accurate and will only look for
1) homes with the keyword: vienna
2) home where the agent checked off "foreclosure yes" (ie we don't look at keywords when you search for this word anymore)

Hope that makes sense.


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