Sunday, March 6, 2011

Embedded video on listings

The local mls, MRIS, only has one authorized video hosting service, which is The mls does not allow branded video sources or even Youtube.

Now if an agent has a video hosted with and attached to an mls listing, the video will show up embedded in the listing itself. No need to click on the virtual tour link.

Thanks VBA for the partnership and special coding. Realtor, don't be silly, you should be doing this!

Here is an example of a listing with the video embedded:


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  1. Feature request, which may not be possible for legality reasons. For each listing, active or sold, have a separate page and url that will show the listing without the sales prices. You might want to show a listing to friends, coworker, or peers without them seeing the price tag. You might don't want the price to be a distraction. "OMG did you see what they paid to live in that house, do you believe that?"

    Yes, the information is readily accessible elsewhere. But it can be an out of site, out of mind kind of thing. Many who don't see the price won't think about it. Some will look it up anyways, but they might not talk about it publicly because they did it surreptitiously, and that is still a win.