Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Share Listings via Email to Multiple People

With super short URLs, people oftentimes will copy and paste the URL of the listing to email it to a friend or their Realtor.

Many don't know that you can email the listing in 1 click. In the upper right corner click on "Email/Share" the listing. This will send you to half way down the page where you enter your FROM email address (which will become the "Reply-To address) and the TO address that it will be going to (spouse, friend, Realtor, yourself).

Starting today you can now enter multiple email addresses by adding a comma.

Name@Name.com, John@john.com, eric@eric.com

And depending on the browser you have, it will remember your emails so you only need to press SEND for each listing.

Would anybody want to email 5-10 listings at one time? Maybe from the spreadsheet view or favorites?

Also we are beta testing 2 driving directions solutions. Please check them out.


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