Monday, January 19, 2009

Live Chat

Just added a new feature. LIVE CHAT (in VA DC MD)

I had the top WIKI contributors sent me code that would work with their current GTALK or AOLIM chat programs. Now a user will see a "LIVE CHAT" link at the top of each listing page and be able to ask 1 of 10-15 agents questions about the listing they are looking at.

Let's see if anybody uses it!

Update 1-28-09: This has been a smashing hit. 20 Realtors have signed up.


More on How to use live chat and instant messenger


  1. Yup, they are using it! Great tool to get immediate answers on listings... =)

  2. I fielded questions from 8 or 9 people so far.

    This is a great tool for customers. Real time answers without the hassle of dialing the phone or sending an email is fabulous! The only glitch, and it isn't really a glitch, is that customers may want to hang around for a couple of minutes after asking a question through an IM. I've had multiple chat sessions at one time and I couldn't get to them all quickly enough.