Friday, January 16, 2009

Tag A Hood! Now Added to the Wiki MLS.

Just launched minutes ago. Tag A Hood (tm)

Now Realtors that have written great "hyper-local" blog posts can attach those to listings.

Using our "Tag A Hood" system, you can add your specific blog post to any listing, and it will automatically attach itself to other listings in that subdivision (ie building or neighborhood).

The points are the same as the Wiki Photo albums. 1 point for a comment, and 4 points (was 10) to link to a full blog post (with photos etc).

I recommend either making a short summary of your post, or just teasing the reader with the first paragraph and encouraging them to click the link.

This will be unmatched SEO link juice for your blog post. So not only will you get traffic from visitors, your Google ranking will rise. Try it, and give me feedback.

Frankly MLS
Photo by Peter


  1. Frank, I have added my hyperlocal post to two listings in a subdivision I am trying to target. I am currently only 43 in google for this neighborhood. Lets see how fast I get to the top of the Google rankings.

  2. This is such an awesome feature! Seriously...genius! I'm no realtor, but as a buyer this would have been awesome to have while I was picking places to check out.

  3. Tony, can we get an update?