Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hide a Listing, Click the X

Now you can click on the "x" when using the spreadsheet mode. This will hide that listing forever. No more needing to see that annoying anomaly that keeps coming up in your searches.

I got this idea from when I was on a few years ago. It was great to click the X and never see certain people every again.

Also you can UNHIDE the listings by clicking on the Unhide Listing button (it only appears after you hide one listing). For now it will bring back ALL the hidden listings. If enough people use this, we can let you un-hide them one by one.



  1. Hi! I tried hiding one more listing so I could get the unhide button, but I did not find it. I'm on a macintosh, using Safari or Chrome--I didn't find it on either of them. I really like your site :) Can you help me with this? A screen shot with a red circle showing where the unhide button appears might do it for me :)

  2. Oh never mind--I found it! "Show Hidden" :) Thank you!