Monday, March 9, 2009

Wiki Contributors: 100 points & Branding Steps

This is for the buyer agents out there (from any company) that are Wiki Contributors (adding photos and comments to listings).

You get 100 bonus points when you link from your blog or website back to YOUR reviewed homes on .

Usually agents will put "My Reviewed Homes on" (but not in red)

How to get the right link to get the 100 points (and for buyers to see each home you have visited):
1) Go to the front page of and click on the number by your name (not in the top 10, click on "All Contributors").
2) Copy that URL. It should look like this:
3) Paste it in your website around the words "My Reviewed Homes on"
4) Email me for your 100 points.

(Optional note, add the &a=USERNAME to insure that your cookie is added to every visitor, so your ad follows them)

Don't forget to put your IDX in your email signatures:

Search the MLS:

Other tips:
When you review a neighborhood in a blog, consider linking to all active homes in that area. (Matrix links don't last forever, links do). Make that link have your branded IDX. Like this:
Link name: See all Actives in "Old Dominion Gardens" for sale
Link URL:

Also add shortcut Favorite links like I have done on (I did it without my branded IDX, but you should add your &a=JohnDoe to the URL)
Did I miss anything?



  1. can you fix the search so that you can search by county!! love you guys/gals. best website ever

  2. Anonymous, What do you mean? I need an example. It already does search by county. Just enter in: Arlington and it will search Arlington.

    Fairfax is a little more complex since there are streets names Fairfax. So try FX6* which is hte MLS numbering system