Thursday, January 7, 2010

Search by Year Built

Nothing too sexy with this updated feature. I actually had it created 6 months ago, but forgot to tell anybody.

Now search by Year Built.

Use this syntax in your search: Arlington [Built2000-2009]

I know maybe one day I should make the site look like all the other sites with pretty drop downs, but isn't it more fun this way?

Next up, search by lot size and bathroom.



  1. Actually, it's much better without the dropdowns. that will only clutter the user interface.

    just my $0.02

  2. It's a gift to those of us who are old DOS kids... ;-)

  3. I was just wondering if this was possible! I want to search for an oooolllld house. Let's try it out....

    Fantastic! I searched for houses built 1700-1865 and sorted by Built. There are 25+ 18th-century houses on the market in the region. It's cool to scan down the list and see when houses start appearing in different towns and neighborhoods. It's a little glitchy b/c dependent on sometimes-vague dating in listings, but overall a great tool for history buffs.