Monday, January 4, 2010

Sold Data on the Listing Agent, A Better Breakdown.

Just a minor tweak, but a necessary step toward compiling better statistics.

Now when you are looking at a listing's full view, you wil see this next to the listing agent's name:

(See Actives & UC / Solds: Lister / Buyer / Both)

As always it will show you the agent's active litings and listings under contract.

The old way showed you all the deals the agent closed (now called "Both"), regardless of whether they were the buyer agent or the listing agent. That didn't help much if you were trying to look for selling patterns.

So, now you can see the breakdown seperately. So just review the agent's sold listings, or just deals where they were the buyer agent (including dual agency deals) and "Both" will show all the listings and purchases together.

Next up, the sold columns will show you the averages for sold prices and % off original list. So in a quick snapshot you can see how the agent has done vs their initial asking prie. However, don't be silly and rely too much on this information. While it might show an agent is an Overpricer, it might show that an agent that UNDERPRICES is getting a high % of list. Don't mistake that to mean they are a "better" agent.


p.s. Agents, you really should be using this to get a quick snapshot of "who is this agent, what do they tend to sell and what is their style". See and make sure to email me for you free branded MLS IDX.

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  1. Great stuff. You should include this info for the buyer's agent also.