Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MLS Blocking Comments & Zillow. Also Wiki Reviews moved up

So NAR just launched some new rules that allow the seller to block public comments about the home and block Automatic Valuation Model like Zillow.

Being that FranklyMLS.com is the First Wiki MLS with public comments and photos, one might think this would put a damper on things. Nope. For the 5% of homes that block this data, we will be letting consumers know that "Home seller has blocked this data".

If they blocked the Zillow AVM data, then we can not show the Zillow price. So instead we will link to it. Heck, the consumer is just going to jump over to Zillow anyhow to get it (if they want it, even though the AVM is more of a toy and not to be used as anything close to an appraisal).

If the seller blocks comments... then if a buyer agent (or consumer) adds comments to a listing that does not allow public comments, that contributor's name and link to their website will show up, but the comments will be blocked (in red). The consumer will then have to contact the cotributor (usually buyer agents) directly for information that they have.

Therefore the information is NOT public on the site.

What next?

Ban a buyer agent representing a buyer's best interest from telling a buyer over the phone what they thought about a place? Gimme a break.

Blocking this stuff just makes the homeowner look bad.

In an unrelated related note, in spreadsheet mode the wiki comments have been added in blue to the rollover. Now you can more easily see what others have said about the home.



  1. The worst part is trying to explain to many sellers exactly what it means and having them try to decide what they want to do about allowing valuations and comments.

  2. Hey John,
    Tell them, the more information a buyer has, whether it be good or bad, the MORE likely the buyer will buy.

    Also reviewed homes get a highlighted blue color, so they are more frequently hit. Also hiding your Zillow data makes you look like you got something to hide and makes the buyer MORE likely to find it on zillow anyhow.