Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Route (kinda) your favorites.

So there is a new feature. Currently called "Route Favorites"

When you have your homes saved as Favorites, they show up on the top of the page. You then click on which homes you want to see on the map (there is a # to the right of that) and click Route Favorites. This will then show you where the homes are on the map.

Now technically it isn't a "best route" or driving directions, but the idea is you can eyeball which homes you should see first and the # will show you the address.

If people like this, I can make it better.



  1. Frank,
    I just wanted to let realtors know about a great tip when working with buyers that are searching in a wide area and need to see the listings they are interested in on a map.
    I used to send a messasge from the MLS that had all of the properties that they might be intereted in, and send a pdf file showing the listings mapped with our MLS mapping feature.(old school) Now I copy the list of MLS numbers and send them a link to with the list of MLS numbers in the search field, like ", FX6667898, FX6746838, FX6749259, FX6767582)" (new school)
    You can attached a lot more listings. The last link I sent had fifty properties. By the way they were all land for sale, not residential. As always keep up the good work Frank, your a tribute to great Realtors. PS How's the boating on Lake Barcroft? Congratulations!

  2. i like this feature a lot. I would also like to be able to map a route from my listings. if thats possible or it might already be in place and im unaware.

    many times im at home and i want to know whats the best route if i wanted to go see houses number 2,5,6,9,13,17,and19 on my list. Hope this was a good explanation.